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We offer both single-origin beans and bean blends. Shop our roasted coffee beans online or in our Highfields store.

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Need bulk coffee beans in Toowoomba or beyond? We currently provide our roasted coffee beans to various businesses to use in their coffee machines.

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About Us

Beginning in 1963, Angco Coffee has had a major impact on improving quality, market access, and direct returns to growers.

About Us
EST 1963


"We focus on the Coffee. That’s what matters“. Arthur L Jones OBE


1Kg Torassi Coffee Blend Front
1Kg Torassi Coffee Blend Back
Torassi Blend
Blend 935 Front
Blend 935 Back
Blend 935



“Just the Best Coffee across the range”

Bill S.

We love the ETHIOPIA SELAZI. So dependable

Sally C.

Just finished our first cup of Blend 935 after a full morning in the garden.
Rich, stacks of flavour and delicious to the final drop.

Michele and Alan

“Big shout out to Angco Coffee, in the Monty's complex.

Great customer service by supplying me ground coffee to see me through Christmas, then assistance with a new coffee grinder.
How lucky are we to now have freshly roasted, high quality coffee in Highfields - so convenient. 

The flavours & blends are all great, but my favourite is Torassi “.


ANGCO has been instrumental in assisting our medical aid centre through us selling good coffee


Kipling Koguta,
Insinbunda, Uganda.

“Our community has benefitted greatly from us selling coffee to ANGCO”

Salento Coffee Farmers Coop,

“Working with Mr Jones and Mr Veldsman has helped us significantly”

Zoto Coffee Collective, Zambia,
c/- Sabie, RSA

ANGCO has been making a difference in our standard of living and basic amenities for many years.

They get us better prices

Ake Poive,
Oliguti Village, EHP, PNG.

Mr Jones has helped so many coffee growers. He understands us

James Anukai,
Banz, WHP, PNG.

Roasted Coffee Beans in Highfields

Based in Highfields, Near Toowoomba

We source, roast, and pack quality coffees from across the ever-changing coffee world. Delivering fine, and sustainably sourced coffees in all forms remains our key focus.

  • Angco Coffee
  • 10481 New England Hwy, Highfields QLD 4352
  • 0428 621 185

Opening Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 12–3 pm
Thursday: 12–3 pm
Friday: 11 am–3 pm
Saturday: 11 am–3 pm
Sunday: 11 am–3 pm

Today, many roasters and so-called coffee experts focus on style over substance.

They use the cheapest beans available with implausible quality promises. At Angco Coffee, good coffee is everything

How Our Coffee Came To Be

Our Ivingoi Story

The Ivingoi coffee plantation is 85 hectares of arabica coffee set in a pristine valley 70 kilometers south east of Goroka in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Our Ivingoi Coffee
Torassi Blend Story

All segments of the supply chain are considered and coordinated to create and maintain maximum benefits for growers and our important consumers. That’s our job.

Our Torassi Coffee
Uganda Story

Single origin coffees from East Africa can be quite special. Uganda has been producing small lots of good coffee for many years. This coffee has a similar flavour profile to the best of Kenya and is unique.

Our Uganda Coffee
Picking Green Coffee Beans
Arthur Jones OBE
Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans | Arthur Jones
Angco Coffee Roasters Toowoomba
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