Our Torassi Story

Blending provides reliable balance. The way coffees are grown and harvested is so important. Our commitment to ethical sourcing and high quality is second to none.

Best is always better. We are experienced and practical, providing our own stringent protocols. Traceability enables us to be confident in our trail from origin. Identity is preserved.

Ensuring that our process does not vary across production and delivery ensures our balance of flavour. Quality assurance and close relationships go hand in hand.

All segments of the supply chain are considered and coordinated to create and maintain maximum benefits for growers and our important consumers. That’s our job.

Across three vastly differing regions – Papua New Guinea, Central America, and East Africa, we practice, and insist on, these principles to ultimately bring you this flavour.

Sustainability with ethical production is an ongoing responsibility. We enjoy it. The finished, and well rounded blend is a fine mix of flavours. Enjoy TORASSI.

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