The Ivingoi coffee story

The Ivingoi coffee plantation is 85 hectares of arabica coffee set in a pristine valley 70 kilometers south east of Goroka in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The plantation is nestled into the sloping ridges and valley floor at 5,500 feet above sea level where the best arabica coffee is grown. The climate and soils combine to give a perfectly prepared coffee.

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The secret of Ivingoi coffee

is the dedicated processing methods introduced by Eno Nosare who partnered with ANGCO in the early 1980's to plant coffee on his land. Eno was a coffee pioneer and with a background as an agricultural officer he understood the importance of good husbandry. What makes Ivingoi better and different is the processing from ripe cherry to green bean.

Carefully handpicking only the ripe coffee cherry and timely processing to the finished product was his aim. Eno saw that the enhanced coffee quality was vastly improved by using elevated tables to evenly dry the parchment coffee by circulating fresh dry mountain air.

The combination of care and attention

during processing of the cherry to the drying using elevated tables has produced a fine quality of coffee which is rated very highly by coffee experts. The legacy of Eno's vision and hard work is now captured by his sons and grand children who continue the fine tradition of the high quality Ivingoi coffee.

This is truly organic coffee and is annually audited to be certified accordingly.

(Papa Eno inspecting dry parchment coffee below)