Our Coffee Origins

Our Ivingoi Story

The Ivingoi coffee plantation is 85 hectares of arabica coffee set in a pristine valley 70 kilometers south east of Goroka in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Our Ivingoi Coffee

Torassi Blend Story

All segments of the supply chain are considered and coordinated to create and maintain maximum benefits for growers and our important consumers. That’s our job.

Our Torassi Coffee

Uganda Story

Single origin coffees from East Africa can be quite special. Uganda has been producing small lots of good coffee for many years. This coffee has a similar flavour profile to the best of Kenya and is unique.

Our Uganda Coffee

Roasted Coffee Beans in Highfields

Based in Highfields, Near Toowoomba

We source, roast, and pack quality coffees from across the ever-changing coffee world. Delivering fine, and sustainably sourced coffees in all forms remains our key focus.

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